Toni Petrina

Lead Site Reliability Engineer @ Visma e-conomic a/s

Hi, I am Toni and welcome to my blog/scratchpad/digital garden. Some of the writings will be chronologically added as blog posts, but some will be permanently curated.

What do I do?

My day job as a Lead SRE means writing YAML, Terraform, writing pipelines, checking infrastructure, and reading logs. A lot of logs.

What else do I do?

My hobbies include writing more code as a "proper" full-stack engineer from database to frontend, and mobile. Check out some of my projects at Massive Pixel.

Notable projects:

Entity Framework Playground

This blog is open source and can be found at tpetrina/blog

Do I do anything else outside of computers?

I play some sports on a weekly basis and am an amateur actor.

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