React and List renderer

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Published on 2017-09-172 min read

    Rendering a list of items in React is kinda boring. It is typically done in the following fashion:

    // inside render()
    {, index) => <Item key={index} item={item} />}

    Since every component can be written as a function, let's write a reusable list renderer. Our target syntax is:

    <List items={items} component={Item} />

    There are two parameters: a list of items and a component used for each item. Here is the implementation for List:

    const List = ({ items, component: Component }) => (
      <div>{, index) => <Component item={item} key={index} />)}</div>

    Fiber and returning arrays

    The above implementation always wraps items in a div element which in some cases might not be what you want. Especially since that element is unreachable a bit.

    Luckily, in React 16 a new rendering engine will allow components to return arrays. This means that the above List component can be simplified to:

    const List = ({ items, component: Component }) =>, index) => <Component item={item} key={index} />);

    There you go, simple and reusable and allows rendering lists in declarative fashion without escaping into js.


    The only drawback is that list item is always passed via props.item which prevents one from naming it a little bit better.

    There you go, a generic List component.

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