Starting a digital garden...

I rebuilt my blog as a digital garden.

Profile pictureToni Petrina
Published on 2022-01-312 min read

    Welcome to my new location on the Internet! This is supposed to be home for all my writings, musings and experiments.

    In time, content from other locations like Medium and will be moved here. The final goal is to have everything in one location rather than being split over multiple locations.

    Digital garden

    One thing is for sure - I want my website to be built with React. I know React, it is straigtforward to add functionality, extract common components, and has a vibrant ecosystem. Using a full application framework for building blog might seem like an overkill, but this will be more than just a blog - a digital garden.

    Primary inspiration came from an essay by Joel Hooks: My blog is a digital garden, not a blog. The blog format isn't the only possible format, digital garden can contain different kinds of content:

    • Constantly updated in-depth content
    • Experiments
    • Small snippets of code or Today-I-Learned (TIL) drops
    • Code gists
    • Book reviews and other content not necessarily being part of the "chronological" format

    For example, I could either write a blog post describing how I built this site - and that information will quickly grow stale. Or I could document it in a page which should be updated in case something changes. Of course, pages could also grow stale, nothing guarantees that they will be kept up to date. But changing the focus from chronological order to form at least pushes in that direction.

    For now, some writing will be added in the form of a blog post, but as time progresses and as certain topics grow larger, they will get their own separate page.

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