Generic telemetry opt-out

Various tools require different flags to opt-out from telemetry. Can we simplify this?

Profile pictureToni Petrina
Published on 2023-09-211 min read
  • #opinion

As I was reading the information about opting out from Storybook (a library for UI testing in frontend world), I wanted to go and add it to my shell configuration and ensure it is always set to opt-out.

It would be as simple as adding export STORYBOOK_DISABLE_TELEMETRY=1 to my .zshrc file.

As I was doing so, the next thought was to collect all such statements in a generic list and keep it as a gist or public list of "known opt-outs".

But then I realized - it would be awesome to have a generic TELEMETRY_DISABLE statement that all tools would read and support by default. This would reduce the need to know which tools might need it or not. A solution for all tools everyehere.

As I was opening GitHub to start a gist I realized that this could be improved even more - how about make everything opt-in instead of opt-out? No telemetry enabled without explicitly choosing to do so.

What a world would that be!

But that won't happen so I am back to building a list of telemetry flags...

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