Add prefix to each key in Terraform

Simple way to add a prefix to each key when iterating over a collection

Profile pictureToni Petrina
Published on 2023-08-091 min read
  • #terraform

Secrets in Hashicorp Vault are not prefixed while the app expects them prefixed. Example: secret is named SendgridKey in HCP, but I need APP_SendgridKey.

To insert all of them, but prefix them before applying:

data "hcp_vault_secrets_app" "some_secrets" {
  app_name = "some_secrets"

locals {
  # data.hcp_vault_secrets_app.some_secrets.secrets : {
  prefixed_secrets = { for key, value in data.hcp_vault_secrets_app.some_secrets.secrets : "APP_${key}" => value }

resource "kubernetes_secret" "some_secrets" {
  metadata {
    name      = "some_secrets"

  data = local.prefixed_secrets

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